Junior Red Cross

Junior Red Cross

The main moto of Junior Red Cross is “I SERVE”.The Junior Red Cross is the high school Students’s wing of the Red Cross. It is a group movement organized within schools. Students who take part in Junior Red Cross activities are known as ‘Juniors’. The teachers who guides the students in JRC activities, is called “COUNSELLOR”.


1. Promotion of Health
2. Service to the Sick and suffering
3. National and International friendliness


“I pledge myself to care for my own health and that of others, to help the sick and suffering, especially children and to look of all other children all over the world as my friends.”


JRC activities are formulated based on its Principles of Health, Services and Friendship. The programs are chalked out in such as way to suit occasions, locations and social requirements. Some of the activities that can be organized are indicated here.

Promotion of Health

  • Practice of health Habits
  • Cleanliness of School Premises
  • Health  Awareness campaign in the nearby areas
  • First Aid Training
  • Blood grouping camps for JRC members and Blood donation open demonstration by JRC COUNSELLOR.
  • Personal Hygiene

Indian Red Cross Society, Karnataka State Branch was representing at Haryana State Red Cross Society on the Occasion of Junior Red Cross Camp at Kurukshethra, Haryana State in the year 2019

Government Order

Junior Red Cross Wing, Primary and Secondary Education Department. Karnataka Government order No: ED 192 SLB 2017, Bangalore, Date: 3rd March 2020, Government order ED 192 SLB 2017, Bangalore ,Date 3rd March 2020

JRC Guidelines

English Manual

Kannada Manual

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