Pariposhanam Program for High School Students, First Aid, Blood Donation, Personal Cleanliness, Environmental Protection, Ethics – Information Education Connectivity Program.

Background of the program

Personal cleanliness has become increasingly important in terms of changing lifestyle and environmental hygiene Students in school and college often find themselves suffering from common ailments due to ill health. Excessive urbanization and lack of proper facilities in rural areas have led to deteriorating conditions The Red Cross headquarters noted that at present there are not enough skilled first aid personnel to provide immediate assistance and assistance in the event of multiple emergencies, accidents, disasters, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc. Moreover, the number of accidents in schools is increasing day by day and it is inevitable that all of us in the conscious civil society will be alerted
With the background of the Indian Red Cross, Karnataka State Branch wants to create awareness and awareness among high school students on disaster management, first aid, hand washing, scientific method, personal hygiene, donation, environmental protection, civic responsibilities and ethics.
Pariboshanam Information is a Referendum program, which is designed to keep this concern, and not just the program, but the people’s movement.


The high school students in Karnataka will be educated on the activities of the Red Cross organization at the high school level to effectively deal with the emergencies of daily life.


1. Raising general awareness of disaster management first aid

2. Introduction to the history and function of the Indian Red Cross and Developing an understanding of humanitarian principles

3. Provides an understanding of the scientific method of hand washing, the importance of blood donation, environmental protection and ethics


If the mind of the child leaves a pure white sheet on which to draw the social, cultural and educational image of the child, their behavior will be enhanced, while their attitude and thinking will increase in value. When the plant is bent, the tree looks beautiful. The Indian Red Cross Karnataka State Branch, through this Junior Red Cross Wing, is raising awareness of the activities of the Red Cross organization, First Aid and Disaster Management among all high school students in Karnataka through the Junior Red Cross Wing The Pariboshanam Program is an attempt to raise awareness of life skills that most effectively deal with emergencies in their daily lives

Details of the program

The program is a four-day event at each school; this is a student friendly program. The program begins with the active participation of students, Awareness, song, program background and format will be explained. They will be educated on the history, functions and humanitarian principles of the Red Cross, Demonstrate to children the methods of bandages first and foremost about first aid and its uses and then allow them to practice. Use items near children providing knowledge on how first aid can be done, Short lectures on personal hygiene and scientific topics, Then you will be convinced of best practices through discussion / dialogue. All students will be sworn in at the end of the program. In this way, the program is prepared to be visually oriented

Multimedia education

Various murals will be on display at the venue, Printed leaflets on the importance of hand washing will be provided for more information, and Short screenings will also be made to make the program more interesting, A quiz program on hand washing will also be conducted at the end of the program

The presentation of the program

The program is aimed at opening all high schools in Karnataka with the help of youth Red Cross units with the help of nodal officers / executive officers / volunteers. It will also be a multi-faceted endeavor to implement compliance programs in partnership with the community.


Awareness of disaster management and first aid can prevent many disasters

Awareness of the history and functions of the Indian Red Cross can help students to develop a service spirit.

Implementation of the scientific method of hand washing will increase personal hygiene in pupils and more in-school attendance and improve child health

Follow-up strategies

Information about pre- and post-natal effects of each program is provided. Program reports are collected, analyzed and guided by the program reports for specification. In this way, with supervisory strategies will lead to program effectiveness

Please contact for further assistance

Mr. Anand D. Gowda

State Coordinator​

Working as a State Coordinator for Junior Red Cross Unit at IRCS, KSB, Bengaluru

Guidelines of Pariposhanam

Process of School Registration

Applications for schools and Student enrolment

Govt Order from primary & Secondary Education Department of Karnataka State