Constitution of Karnataka Red Cross

Constitution of Indian Red Cross Society, Karnataka State Branch and Other Committees of the State Branch.

Indian Red Cross Society in the state of Karnataka was constituted in the year 1921 as per the Indian Red Cross Society Act 1920.

Indian Red Cross Society Karnataka state branch has been a trusted destination for the poor and needy for over 9 decades the red cross has earned the distinction of pioneering in relief and rendering services, benefitting innumerable suffering communities throughout the state.
The Indian Red Cross Society Karnataka state branch has 30 district branches in the state with membership of over 40,000 and Thousands of volunteers serving the organization. 

Constitution of State Governance.

President and Vice Presidents of State Branch.

a)President               The Governor or its equivalent of the state shall be the President of the State Branch.

b)Vice President        The Vice President shall be nominated by the President for a term of two years.

c)Chairman               The Chairman of the Branch shall be elected by the State Managing

Committee at the First meeting held after its Composition or election from amongst its members for a period of three years.

d)Treasurer             The Treasurer for the Branch shall be elected by the Managing Committee at its first meeting held after the Annual General Meeting.