Composition of the Managing Committee

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The Managing Committee of State Branch shall comprise of the following:



c)The Vice Chairman Shall be elected by the Managing Committee from amongst themselves at the first meeting held after its composition or election;

d)Four Members of the state branch from amongst the patrons, Vice Patrons and Life Members of the branch as decided by the Managing Committee.

e)One representative elected by each District Branch Committee;

f)General Secretary of the state Branch will be the Member-Secretary and non-voting member;

g)The representative of the St.John Ambulance, State Council.

h)The Managing Committee may co-opt up to 5 members(e.g. representative from Ministry of Health,Education,Social Welfare etc.)having expertise in any part of the organizations functions.

Composition of the Executive Committee.

a)Chairman of the Managing Committee shall be the Chairman of this committee. In his/her absence, the Vice-Chairman or any member to be elected by members present who form the forum may chair the meeting.

b)Five Members elected by the Managing Committee from among its members.

c)Honorary Treasurer

d)The General Secretary  shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

e)A representative having expertise in any field of the organizations functions nominated by the President of the State Branch.

Composition of the Finance Committee.

a)The Managing Committee shall appoint a Finance Committee consisting of  the Vice Chairman of the State Branch as the Chairman of the Committee, two members of the Managing Committee, Honorary Legal Advisor, the Honorary Treasurer and the General Secretary of the Branch.